Our mission

As we have a huge responsibility to present first our country (Iran) then our region (Alamut) distinctively to the whole world, especially the tourists who intend to visit Iran and persuade them to visit off the beaten track as well as classic routes that would challenging & worth visiting like Alamut Valley rather than meet and adopt Couchsurfing in Alamut, Iran.



We do not want to criticize this type of accommodation at the moment, but the most important objective of any industry like tourism would be to develop the economic situation of the locals while some European tourists consider Iran as a country where is cheap enough to exploit the entire local people by continuing to ask for a discount. Not only they wouldn’t pay a tip, but they would also ask for a price reduction, especially in a country where every service is as cheap as possible. Europeans pay tip in their own country, but when it comes to Iran, they refuse to pay tip. its kind of misunderstanding about prices in Iran. If you compare the area of ​​aristocracy in Europe and Iran, there are not huge differences between them; It’s not as cheap as you might watch it on YouTube channels or other mass media. For those who work in the tourism industry like tour guides or hotel owners, it’s really disappointing when a tourist wants to reduce the official rates. it does not make sense, despite all the investments and skills & labors that have been undergone; we don’t expect European tourists to do like that.

All these reasons pushed us to create such a site to present our ancient region as well as the rich history and great heritage of Iran. There is another topic on the Iranian way of life that you can find HERE.