THE Ismaili (Their History & Doctrines)

Today as  first post in 2024  we would like  to offer to tourists  who intrested in History of Alamut valley & Assassin’s And Ismaili sect …..Download  the book from the bottom page link.   The Ismaili is represent the second largest Sh-i-i Muslim community after the Twelvers(Ithna¯ashar¯s), and are today dispersed as religious minorities throughout […]

Vladimir Bartol

Novel book of Alamut Today we bring a famous novel from Vladimir Bartol Slovenian writer which is taught in Slovenian school as literary masterpiece .yes its amazing ….its called Alamut . Vladimir Bartol wrote this novel in 1938 ….apparently it date backed to approximately 85 years ago at the time of writing this article . […]